Microsoft Xbox 360

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The good:

All the games are in high-definition;It has an excellent user-friendly Dashboard interface; Its got a built-in support for wireless controllers;The online gaming and communications via Xbox Liveis awesome; backward compatible with many (but not all) original Xbox titles; doubles as superior digital media hub and Windows Media extender;

The bad:

Well hmm.. i can say that the first wave of the Xbox 360 games is somewhat anemic;It does have a noisy exhaust fan; no built-in wireless networking; only three USB ports; no support for next-gen HD movie discs; Im suprised it does'nt have no DVI or HDMI output; doesn't upscale DVDs to HD resolution; gigantic oversize power supply thats i think thats the reason for the loud fan?;And of course the price will almost certainly drop after xmas.

The bottom line:

While it's missing a couple of potentially important features at launch, the Xbox 360 delivers the power and performance of a high-end gaming PC, including impressive digital media and networking features.

Its a MUST BUY!!!! MY RATING IS GOING TO BE A HIGH 9/10!!! THIS IS THE ONE!! Please vote me if you have found this usefull in any way.. Thanks,. :-)

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