Miele washing machines - are you being conned?

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Miele washing machines  - quality german engineering, 20 year life span. Fantastic. Only problem is that their appearance has barely changes for decades and this makes it difficult to tell how old they are. I have owned two miele washers courtesy of ebay and looked at quite a few more - I am astounded at the total dishonesty of many of the sellers of used machines - THEY BLATANTLY LIE ABOUT THE AGE OF THE MACHINE. The only way (without the purchase receipt) to tell how old a used Miele really is to take the top of - the date of manufacture is printed on top of the drum. I had a 700 series which was made in the late 1980's, I currently have a 969 which was made in 2000 so I would guess very roughly that the 800's were made in the 90's. The worst example I have seen is of a listing claiming that a Miele 701 was 18 months old!! In reality it would have been closer to 18 years. Hopefully a real expert will read this and publish a more accurate model history to guide potential buyers. In the meantime don't trust sellers - ask them (or tell them you will do it when you arrive to collect it) to take the two plastic caps of the side of the lid, remove the two small screws, slide the lid forward and lift up and tell you the date printed on top of the drum!

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