Miliatary Medals- etiquette of selling.

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If you are selling any medals,apparently it is very bad to split up medals awarded to one person-you are supposed to sell them together.It is a waste of time & money to list them separately as The British Medal forum & others will explain it to you.Their Mission is to re-unite split groups & prevent splits.Although Millions have died for us,there are people out there who want to know everything about that poor soul:Where they were born,Marriage,Children,What they did for a living,When & where they Died,Family photograph's,details of Army Life, & where & they were awarded the medal. It is considered disrespectful if you separate but on the other hand you can make more money by including all these details?

   My Grandfather gave 5 years of his life in WW2 against Tyranny & oppression,but even he let the past go.I wish people could be as passionate about the Living as they about the Dead.

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