Miner 2049er - ATARI 400 800 - A short review

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Miner 2049er by Big Five Software

This was my favourite game to come out of the 80's. A fantastic 10 level platform game full of colour & sound and the most important factor , complete addictive playability. All on a 16k cartridge.

When launched in 1983 it was a technical leap ahead of the competition & won many game awards in the next 2 years.

You play Bounty Bob and you have to walk on every piece of floor in the mine to clear a level. There are mutant creatures to avoid - one touch kills. Grab any of the picks, ropes, cups etc. hanging about and you get a limited time when its safe to kill these mutants. They turn a safe green colour (think pacman)

Over the next 10 levels there are Transporters , moving bits of mine to jump on , an hydraulic lift , pulverizers and my favourite in level 10 the canon. Walk over different strength TNT to choose which level to shoot up to. You only get 3 lives and when you died you had to start at the very begining. I remember that even at my video game height of playing at age 13 , i only once managed to do all 10 levels in one go. Luckily there is a level cheat available:

Start playing & leave bounty bob in a safe area, type in 213 782 6861 then hold shift & the number of the level you want - use zero for level 10.

There is a fantastic website (www) bigfivesoftware.com which has a full history of the company , programmers and best of all a FREE & LEGAL download of Miner 2049er and its sequel Bounty Bob Strikes Back to play on your PC. While nothing beats playing on the original machine this is a nice way to revisit these classic games.


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