Minichamps F1 Models

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Hi Everyone i hope my review helps you in some way

Over the years iv collected a number of different types of models i wont mention names and ive found the over the last 3-4 years the models have been getting more and more detailed, so the cars i used to zoom around my back yard and smash up are now worth a fortune>>>>>           :( (gutted)  Anyway as i was sayin. i recently started my new collection of minichamps after seeing a f1 model of a friends... i thought the detail and the good lookingness of the actual car was fantastic.. ( i just wish i had Dannys Tranny (Dandy or beano 1976 to try & drive it) I started with the 1/18 scale F1 cars and they were just beautiful but i ended up running outa space to put them. So instead of binning the idea of the collection i took a gamble and bought my 1st 1/43 f1 car and when it arrived i was amazed to find it had just as much detail as the larger one.. At the moment i only have 6 cars but the collection is in its infancy. i have ended up selling off all but 2 of my 1/18 scale cars and stuck soley to 1/43..... Im no expert on models this is just how i see it i cant comment on other types of minichamps as i only collect F1.. I may seem sad too but one day my lewis & shumy cars will be worth far more than the £20 quid i paid for them ..

So Basically if u want to get into the world of collectables and not sure if its for u then try a minichamp 1st. I wasnt dissapointed and i dont think you will be either... And one day they will be worth more than you paid if your choosey about what you buy as some are worth more than others.. i have seen a 1/43 shumy f1 ferrari  for over £500.00 on ebay. Now if you have the money then thats a serious collector but im afraid i have a budget so at between £3.99 & £25.00 you can soon get a decent collection going. I think minichamps are Ace

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