Minimotos & Off Road Motorbikes - The Law

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Thinking of buying a minimoto, quad, trike, go-ped or a full sized motocross bike?

Where are you going to use it?...

It is illegal to use any of the above mechanically propelled vehicles on a public road unless you have a valid driving licence, road tax, insurance, protective headgear, MOT, and the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA.

Under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 the Police have the power to stop & seize any vehicles used on public land, common land, public footpaths, roads, cycle paths & bridleways.

Under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act the Police have the power to seize uninsured vehicles or vehicles used by unlicensed drivers.

They also have the similar powers if you are riding on private land / wasteland without the landowners prior consent.

Under this act the Police have the power to use reasonable force to stop you & seize your vehicle.

You will be liable to pay recovery fees to reclaim your vehicle, approximately £100 - £150 depending on your local force policy & recovery agent. Daily storage fees are also added.

If you do not claim your vehicle within 7 days the Police can dispose of it.

You also run the risk of being prosecuted for motoring offences.

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