Minolta SLR lenses for Sony digital SLR

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Minolta AF (autofocus) lenses, from the 7000/Maxxum/Dynax series of film SLR cameras onwards, also fit Minolta digital SLRs - the lens mount is the same. (Note that earlier MC and MD manual focus Minolta lenses have a different mount and will NOT fit later cameras without the use of an adaptor) Sony took over Minolta and retained the mount for their Digital SLRs (early Sonys were effectively rebadged Minoltas). Hence, Minolta AF film lenses will fit Sony DSLRs without modification. Remember though, that use of a film lens on a DSLR alters the focal length of the lens by approximately 8/5 - a 50mm 'standard' lens becomes an 80mm 'portrait' lens, and so on.

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