Minority Naughty Overseas Buyers

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Firstly, I would like to state that I am a UK based Seller.

I am writing to express my disappointment in the very FEW Minority of Overseas Buyers who make it that much more difficult for the Majority of us who enjoy the excitement and addiction of the eBay experience. I pride myself on my carefully wrapped Items and my Same/Next day postage and enjoy the BUZZ of earning that little bit of money for the children's money boxes and of course the odd treat for the family.

But there are a few who have to spoil this experience!!!

Why is it, that those FEW (so far, in my experience have all been Overseas Buyers) take it upon themselves to amend the p&p charges to suit them??!!

When the Listing says, for example:

"P&P - £2.99 Seller's Standard Rate Service to United Kingdom";

AND then further on in the Listing gives my Sellers Payment Instructions -  

"Seller's payment instructions
UK - I accept UNCROSSED Postal Orders if you cannot pay through PAYPAL. OVERSEAS buyers MUST pay through PAYPAL. I always obtain proof of postage & cannot be held responsible for items lost by Royal Mail. Overseas bidders & Residents of Southern Ireland's postage will be revised. Please contact me for a revised postage price before proceeding to pay through PAYPAL, failure to do so will result in a Dispatch Delay. Many thanks"

These instructions are obviously Understood by the Majority of all of my Buyers AND most importantly my Overseas Buyers (as these instructions are primarily aimed at my OS Buyers); yet, some take it upon themselves to amend the p&p on the invoice to £1......for Overseas.....when the p&p for the UK is £2.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then you have all the hassle of writing to them, asking why they did it in the First Place and that they need to send more money - which usually goes ignored; So you write a few times more through eBay Messaging Service and through email, and eventually they begrudgingly pay up.

You then get charged a percentage of the sale through Paypal for the amount that is initially paid, and then, because you have to ask those FEW for more money, you get charged again for having to accept the rest of the money through Paypal. The Parcel would then be sent out THAT same day or the next (depending on what time of day the payment was made).

THEN, when the Buyer receives their carefully wrapped parcel, they kindly leave you Negative or Neutral Feedback - saying that they were overcharged for p&p!!!!! HOW DARE THEY! Of course, there is always the responding negative feedback that you as the seller can leave, but that doesn't alter the fact that this tarnishes your FEEDBACK PROFILE for ever which you refer everyone to to read for confidence in their purchase.

That along with those FEW who send WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDERS which are not allowed through eBay, and you write to them before and afterwards - but they still send them and are then also allowed to leave Negative Feedback when you do not send their Item.Because the bank charge £12.99 to take them and they take 6 weeks to clear.......(I've already written a Guide on that one - PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE A LOOK).

They just do not realise that they are making it difficult for the Majority who do this for fun and to raise a bit of money for the their children.

I hope you have enjoyed my Guide; and please do feel free to take a look at my Items Listed.

Let's all help to keep Buying and Selling on eBay hassle free and a bit of Fun  : )






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