Mirage Cigarettes Ltd buyer beware

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i bought a E cig from Mirage Cigarettes Ltd UK the batterys dont last long the E liquid gets on your lips and in your mouth this is a design fault the battery's charger doesn't come with a uk plug after 1 week 1 battery failed after 1 more the next battery failed i complained and got a 2 new battery's after 2 more weeks the 2 new battery's failed i contact the seller saying im not very happy i would like my money back he said "Would you take something back to any other shop and expect a cash refund after 2 months, of course not, so what gives you the right to expect one from me?" The sales of good act says "1. What is an inherent fault? A fault present at the time of purchase. Examples are: • an error in design so that a product is manufactured incorrectly • an error in manufacturing where a faulty component was inserted. The "fault" may not become apparent immediately but it was there at the time of sale and so the product was not of satisfactory standard." "Do I only have rights for 30 (or some other figure) days after purchase? No. Depending on circumstances, you might be too late to have all your money back after this time, but the trader will still be liable for any breaches of contract, such as the goods being faulty. In fact, the trader could be liable to compensate you for up to six years." this seller is a scamer buyer beware he wont give my money back
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