Mirrors for the Classic Mini - A Buyers Guide

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Mirrors for the Classic Mini - A Buyers Guide

There are several types of after market wing mirrors available for your Mini these days and in this guide I will explain the differences between several of the more popular types. I will also give my personal view on the pros and cons of each mirror.



These are a very popular mirror made by one of the best Mirror companies around. Tex manufactured for many top manufacturers and the quality is easy to see. Importantly they also provide a great view of what is behind you. One thing you should be aware of with Tex mirrors is that they are not a direct replacement mirror on the vast majority of Minis. You will need to drill an extra whole or buy a pair of
plastic mounting plinths which will make them fit fine.

Pros - Superb quality, a great view behind you.

Cons - They are not direct replacement



Pretty much does what it says on the tin. These mirrors are a direct replacement mirror on the vast majority of Minis. You won't need to drill any holes, just remove your old original mirrors and stick these ones on. They are nice fat mirrors and look great on your Mini. The view through them is also brilliant with a large mirror area. Quality is great.

Pros - Direct replacement which looks great and works extremely well.

Cons - Not quite as good quality as the Tex but what is.



The ever popular bullet mirror is one of the best selling mirrors around. They are a great price. Fitted
to any Mini it looks superb and, especially if you are going for the Old School look only the Bullet will do. They are very much a fashion accessory on a car and will allow you to see very little behind you. We drive Minis though so who cares what is happening back there :-)

Pros - Look great. Old school feel.

Cons - Only let you see the floor unless you are a 4ft 3" and a contortionist



Most of the problems with Bullet mirrors are taken care of with these torpedo mirrors. Basically they are a bullet which is on a plinth so can be moved into a good position for looking through. They are a
direct replacement and to my mind look even better than the bullets.

Pros - A bullet that you can see through. Great looks. Direct replacement.

Cons - More expensive than the bullet.


Real old school race mirrors these look classy. Again not great for actually seeing behind you but then thats not the reason you would buy them. As you can see they are not a standard fit but with a little
adapting to your car they look the business

Pros - They look superb. People MAY think you are driving an old Cooper.

Cons - Not a great view. Not a direct replacement



These are great and really stand out. Not something that I would use as a main mirror they clip onto the car itself and really do make your car stand out. There isn't much you can buy these days that make your Mini different but these do that brilliantly. I often fit mine if I want to stand out and then just use the allen key to take them off when I am out and about. Posey or what!

Pros - Very few have them. They look cooool.

Cons - Better removing them in Chavsville.

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