Misleading Listings

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L K Performance and Styling  username lkperformance

This seller is a business seller and you would of thought they know what they are doing, yeah they do, they mislead you with there listings with a picture of not the item you are getting and no discription to say otherwise.

As you can imagine when i paid for a K&N air filter and got a bag to cover a filter for £19.04 i was a little upset, i always believe on giving people a chance and seeing as they have such a high feedback score and sell quite alot of items - i know you cant please everyone when dealing with that many transactions, but to mislead people into buying expensive items for what they are is wrong !

Im hoping that even if 1 or 2 people read this and it stops them from buying items that they dont want cause the seller is using a very clever loop hole listing then I will feel happier about my misled purchase from this con man.

Please beware when you buy from lkperformance and make sure you are buying what you think you are !!!!!!!!!

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