Miss The Saturn Miss Out

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The Sega Saturn is so over looked there is a large range of brillent games and if you buy a convter or moddefied Saturn so you can Play all formats then you have an open door to many games.

There are many exclusive titles for the Saturn unlike the playstation the Saturns games are massive range

I have collected many many games and here are few I would recomend -

RPGs -

Shining Wisdom
Shing Holly Ark

Dragon Force

Platfomers -

Sonic Jam


And there are many diffrent games a few others I would Reccomend are Sega Ages , Crusader , NIGHTS , Panzer Dragoon 1,2.

As other reivews have staed you must change the battery every so offten simple job takes 2 mintues but worth doing.

A machine that cost very litte is very worth buying Miss the Saturn and you miss out

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