Miss leading buyers!!! Inflated postage & bad pictures!

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Have you noticed how a lot of watches are sold on eBay with very out of focus shots??? Well my warning is if like me you collect and repair watches be very cautious of these picture problem adverts as some people use this out of focus photography to cover up any blemishes and other things that are not stated in the advert!!! I am finding this is becoming a regular thing now, I do of course understand that some digital cameras and users don’t get on well together and that can be a major cause of the problem but not every one is in that boat when you look through the other sellers ads and find nice clean photos of small items etc... I have fallen into this trap a few times and now I am much wiser to the con persons out there, yes it may seem like I am jumping the gun but for every good thing that goes on here a hundred more bad things happen! Inflated postage has got to be the Bain of the buyer now on eBay. It does not cost £4 to post one small pocket watch off in the UK even with our new revised postal sizes! So come on people bring the fun of eBay back and stop being greedy I only charge the flat rate plus say 30p for the jiffy bag not some unreal price. Remember if you screw a person enough times they will loose interest then we all loose out as people will give up buying and paying over the odds for goods.
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