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Condensation inbetween double glazed unts

Its that time of year when you get condensation on the windows due to damp, but what if the condensation is inside the double glazed unit, replace the whole window?
This is known as a blown unit and they can be replaced as a single unit and therefore you will not have to change the whole window

You do not need to do this, most local window companies can replace just the sealed units or its a fairly easy DIY job.

Check out double glazed sealed units on ebay for companies who sell just the replacement sealed units

You will need to measure the size of the sealed unit and get a replacement the same size. There are guides to explain how to change sealed units and although can be daunting at first is very straight forward

Will be much cheaper than replacing the whole window.

There are a number of companies now who only deal in replacement units. Who will come out measure and obtain the units and simply fit them.

This will save you money compared to changing the whole window and also you will have much less mess and problems

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