Mobie Dazzle TV BOX-Your Own Media Player

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This is Mobie’s most popular Android TV box, the Mobie Dazzle Media Player TV BOX. Mobie Dazzle TV BOX will bring an interface specifically designed for your TV,  making it easier to navigate and get the most out of Android on your TV.

Mobie think they have finally designed a product that everyone will want. It is a tough market as many Chinese manufactures already have a small foothold in this niche even though it currently only interests hard-core android and XBMC/KODI fans. Let’s not forget the bigger competitors Apple and Amazon who have quite a head start. There is a question everyone is asking, will it play XBMC KODI? Yes, the Mobie Dazzle Media Player TV BOX will work with KODI as it runs Android 4.4. Coupled with the powerful CPU this may become the best KODI player available.
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The days of physical media are almost over, very few people want to head to the store to buy a movie or a TV series. You can happily get away without using physical media, in fact I prefer my laptop to be without, as it gives me space for another HDD. With this in mind the Mobie Dazzle Media Player TV BOX will be exclusively used to stream content from services such as Netflix and Add-ons in KODI, like 1 Channel, F.T.V, Icefilms, Mash Up, YouTube, SportsDevil, etc.

Running the new Android 4.4 OS especially optimized for your TV this Android TV Box is really making Android a very attractive option for your TV. The only problem being apps will need to be optimized for this system so it may be a while until we really see something interesting.

This square shaped device plugs directly into your TV via HDMI and it is extremely small. Measuring at 104.3 x 104.3 x 19.3 mm it is smaller than a Blu-ray Disk although a little thicker! Although small, check out the specs below as it really does pack a punch.

MOBIE DAZZLE TV BOX Specifications

Key Points
Top Notch Spec: The perfect Cortex-A5 Quad-Core processor, upto 1.5Ghz operating speed, paired with Mali-450 GPU and Amlogic S805 audio chip, MOBIE proudly present to you the exceptional Android experience, video, audio, gaming... you name it. Go ahead and download your favorite apps from integrated app store, enjoy!
Versatile Internet Access and Resources: As an online entertainment gateway, MOBIE is equipped with WiFi and LAN ports, just to ensure flexible and impeccable streaming performance that suits your need, whenever and wherever. Your One-Stop venue for limitless free online entertainment. No rules, no restrictions, your favorite movies, TV shows, radio stations as well as many kinds of games are all there, dig in and have fun (Some apps may require internal purchase).
Easy Setup & Use: Simply plug-and-go design, no complicated setup process. Connect your MOBIE to TV, turn it on, go to setup menu and connect MOBIE to your home network, it is as easy as that!
Thoughtful Features:
MOBIE is getting slow? No problem, just try one-click cache cleaning;
Not sure about your network quality? No problem, just test it with networkd speed tester; Wanna quick uninstall the apps you dislike? No problem, just go to app list then press and hold "OK" button.
Worry-Free Warranty: Our product is covered by One-Year limited warranty, please feel free to contact us for return or replacement if your MOBIE is dead on arrival or does not function properly.

Check the specs below

Model Name: Mobie Dazzle S805 HD Streaming TV Box Player
Model Number: Mobie-S805
Product Dimension: 104.3 x 104.3 x 19.3mm
CPU: Cortex A5 Quad-Core Processor 1.5Ghz
GPU: Mali-450
ROM: Built-in 8G
Operation System: Android 4.4.2 OS
Other Features:
    - WiFi: Support (802.11 b/g/n)
    - USB: Support
   - TF Card Expansion: Support ( up to 32GB)
    - 3D: Support (hardware 3D graphics acceleration)
    - HDMI: Support
    - H.265: Support (up to 1080p)
    - KODI/XBMC: Support
    - Dolby DTS SRS hard disk license: Support
    - Mouse/ Keyboard: Support (2.4GHz wireless mouse/keyboard via USB)
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What You Will Receive in The Pacakge?

   - Mobie Dazzle S805 HD Free Streaming TV Box Media Player
- AV Cable
- HDMI Cable
- Remote Control (No Battery)
- User Manual
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