Mobile Phone Parts (LLTRADER)

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if you are wanting to buy mobile phone parts  for example lcds batteries etc make sure you ask the seller where they are from. make sure you ask if they are from LLTRADER this company provides lots and lots of fake items from china and then shipped to the uk
(ST John’s Walk Birmingham) is one  Unit E10, Explorer Voyager park is the other the parts are poor in quality even arrive with uneven fittings dead pixel or missing sections i have ordered many parts from ebay from lots of dealers and all have been from lltrader and all counterfeit as ebay seems to allow this sells as they are power sellers and making huge amounts of cash for selling crap even when ebay was provided with proof from the manufacter  advising that the items were fakes i even handed ebay a letter from sony stating a danger to life from fake item that could explode.
The sellers names were all different so if you are buying and the item arrives late or with packaging lltrader return it and mark it as counterfeit as there is proof online just google lltrader fakes or tax fraud  .
I know people look at the price and think that cheap thats normally a way of telling also location is a great one check the location for example if its says (london london) and the seller is based in china also manchester is known for fakes and counterfeit item but the main one is those who mention lltrader

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