Mobile Phone Prices

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I have just spent three weeks trying to bid on various phones only to find that people are actually paying more on Ebay than you can buy the phone in the high street.  I wanted an orange locked phone so that seemed simple enough however, having searched all the shops (including the orange ebay shop which sells refurbished mobiles)  I actually found a Sony Ericsson 510i for £39.95 from phones4u and that included £10 airtime.  I also discovered the F3 motorola for only  £9.99 and they both included free delivery anywhere in the UK.  What disappointed me was not only the inflated rate ebayers and ebay shops are charging for old model phones was that orange were charging more than phones4u for the same phone.  I am not a hugh phone buff but both my previous Sony Ericssons I have unlocked via the internet with a cable and this cost me £4.95 each the cable was £17.00 but I can use it for several types of phones and my new phone will be unlocked very soon.  So PLEASE do your home work with regard to mobiles it only takes a little research to save yourself  £££'s and lets be honest that's why we all shop and bid on ebay to save ourselves a little cash.
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