Mobile Phone Scams - CAUTION! Please read

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Please take note when searching Ebay for a mobile phones.

There are 100's of mobile scam auction per day on Ebay and when you've seen the format you will quickly understand that it is fraudulent.
On every occasion of each auction the account you see on the screen has been 'hacked', the genuine Ebay'r may be unaware of this event.

The format of the auction usually reads as follows:

50 Nokia 8800,N90,N91,N92,N80,N71,770,N82,N93
Nokia 8800,N93,N90,N70,N91,N80,N92

The auction usually displays the text 'Contact buyer before bidding' , 'Because Ebay mail is spammed contact via...' etc

Email accounts associated by the scammer tends to be Gmail & yahoo accounts. Currently I have noted these front tags but of course the scammer will change this regularly -   capisongsm    euro.gsm.3x    gsm.ebay.seller

Stay vigilent folks and lets hope eBay can stop these scammers from hacking our accounts and using modified turbo listers to flood the listings with fraudulent auctions.

Take it easy.



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