Mobile Phone Scams, Please be aware

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It was not that long since i was selling a mobile phone on ebay, i was bombarded with this silly name and an email address you could not reply to, and when it came up with the user's id, you could'nt check his/her account.

Then came the emails asking me to send the phone, and i bet you can guess where you think, yes nigeria, it was some sob story he/she gave me saying her mother was dying, which i knew was a scam straight away, and that he/she wanted the phone asap, but when i opened up my emails from this idiot my computer ended up getting a nasty bug, and i can only assume its them, because i had the only 1 email in my message box.

After when i got my computer sorted out, i reported this person to ebay.

Give you a tip never read an email address if it does look suspicious, and if the email asks you to click on the website please don't do it, because they are not just sending nasty viruses to your computer, but your giving them access to your paypal account and bank details, and away they go with your money, ever since that happened to me i closed my paypal account down straight  away, and also informed my bank, which in the end i had to change all my bank account, debit cards, and my mastercards. All this because i wanted to sell a phone on ebay.

So do not allow nigerians to bid on your account, especially when they have just joined ebay that day, then the next day they are no longer ebay users.

And now i always check not only there feedback, but also how long they have been an ebay member since.

I hope this helps you

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