Mobile Phone scams

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Hi , this is intended for new members, inexperienced ebayers, or anyone unsure about how to deal with dubious bidders.

The simplest way to avoid being scammed or robbed of your sale is to only deal through Paypal. When a payment is received through your email system always check directly in your paypal account that the money is there. It is quite easy for the scammers to produce an email  that you think has come from PAYPAL so again check your paypal account DIRECTLY and do not rely on the email.

Be extremely cautious when you receive an unrealistically high bid on your item..... this is unlikely to be genuine, report the bidder to ebay.

Do not accept bids from emails asking to pay you outside of the ebay auction.

If you accept a cheque/ postal order etc  always make sure that the money has appeared in your account or you have the cash before dispatching.....scammers have all sorts of  'genuine' reasons why they need the goods asap.

Let your auction run its course, and don't accept early offers unless it is through the 'buy it now' system


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