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Hi Everyone...

This is now my second review as the first one was a great hit according to ebay and all the emails i got asking for my help which i was glad to offer my advice! This guide is about buying mobile phones as apposed to selling them as nearly everyone has one & ebay has thousands for sale therefore the market must be big but i doubt everyone knows what they are buying in to at times! With my experience (6 years working as a sales Consultant for Orange) together with 3 years trading on ebay i thought i share my ideas and help others after all ebay is a community where we all help look each other at the same time making new friends and selling our unwanted items!

Mobile phones are common these days and there are loads of models/specs/types each offering different gadgets to different people however they all are designed to do one main task > Allow us to communicate with others effectively! Here are some questions you may need to ask when choosing your next fone assuming your buying a pay as you go handset...

1) Is the manufacturer you have chosen suitable for your needs & are they reputable (Avoid 3 as the company may not last long), Nokia & Samsung appear to be the best & most reliable according to a new survey conducted by the Carphone Warehouse.

2) Should you buy from your local phone shop/Town centre or from Ebay? Ebay is the cheapest as it is an auction style format as apposed to buying from your local shop where there overheads are reflected in the price you will pay when buying new! If your buying as a gift/present then buy from a local phone shop ensuring it is reputable (Orange offer a warranty & guarantee for total peace of mind plus discounts buying on line for all handsets/sim cards)

3) Do you need a sim card & other accessories which you may not get as standard (Wall charger, battery & manual should come as standard as apposed to sim cards/multi media sticks/hands-free/car chargers/ring tones which are extra).

All the above may not be common sense believe it or not as afterall we not technicians are we! Use your imagination, avoid BLOCKED/LOCKED handsets on ebay if your unsure what they mean as it may cost you to repair them before they can be used for there intended purpose!

If your really unsure about what you want & the cheapest way to buy your next fone then feel free to email me your requirements via the ebay contact me page & i will try and help free.

Kind regards






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