Mobile phone con-Who cares?NOBODY apparantly.

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I bought a motorola v3 for £190 after being offered it on a second chance offer.I paid by PAYPAL thinking I was safe if anything happened.O'h,how wrong could I be?!After receiving it and being very pleased with it for about 2 weeks it suddenly stopped me receiving and making calls.It turned out that it was stolen,and had been blocked and barred from making or reciving any type of call.

I contacted the seller who came up with the excuse that he'd bought it out of his local free paper (even though he said it was an upgrade in his ad)and as such wasn't his problem.

Paypal said that they'd try to recover the money but if he didn't have money in his account the they'd suspend it (big wow!)

So I called the police who said it wasn't their problem it was paypal's.

So now I'm stuck with a £190 phone that doesn't work,with no hope of getting   my money back.

What I can't believe is that if you type in barred/blocked mobile phones that are most probably stolen one's then you come up with absolutly loads of them.Apparantly it's only this country that block and barr stolen phones,so you can just sell them to international buyers,which I find really strange.


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