Mobile phone scammers on the new iphone 4

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I have noticed alot of people bidding on the new iphone 4 mobile phone, i was looking at the bid history of lets say 4 different iphone's on ebay, and there is this clown that bidded on all 4 of the different phones, that was on sale at the time, and i know it protects your identity, but this idiot had bidded on all 4 that was minutes from the sale ending, these people have no intention of paying for these items, there are genuine people out there that want's to bid, then all of a sudden they are out bidded, by the same person who has actually bidded on 4 different iphone's so he is going to end up owing the innocent people selling at least £2,000 on 4 different phone's, which he is not going to pay, and that these innocent people have just wasted there hard earned cash having to re-list the item again, these clowns should be kicked off ebay for good.

Or the other's you want to watch are the people that has just joined ebay either that day (and is already an ebay user) as it comes up with new ebay member less than 30 day's, these people again place bids but have no intention of paying for the item if they win, and that the address does not exist, or here is the best bit, they do not have a paypal address, and it's US innocent people that lose out, all because these clampets place bids, but do not intend on paying, and plus they put ridiculous amounts, i saw one that the seller retracted as he placed a bid for £10.000 for an iphone, ebayer's please beaware of these low lives, who have nothing better to do, but mess people about, it's not them that lose out on ebay fees, it's the like's of me and the rest of the other ebayer's as well, who want to sell there items, and ebay want's to stamp out these people for good, Can i just advise you to check the amount they have bidded on or what they intend on paying, especially if it's a silly amount that's up to a £1,000, once i get this guys name, i will keep people up-dated and believe me i will get it, it's just annoying as they bid right at the last few seconds you cannot retract there bid in time. Please get rid of these people, as like i have said these people have nothing better to do, but to annoy the seller's on ebay and ruin our chance of selling our item's where we have to re-list again, i hope you other ebayer's agree with me. And i also hope this helps


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