Mobile phone scams

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Hi,Let me tell you about another craze going off on here.

Just lately i have noticed a few sellers out there,(PRIVATE) not business sellers advertising some of the latest phones,taking your money then not sending them out,by the time you realise,they have spent your money to get them through the next bill cycle and then repay it back after the claim has gone through a lengthy process.

How do i know this,Because i have fell victim to it on more than one occasion and it has just happened to me again.

How can you spot these sellers you ask,You Cant.You only find out when the postal delivery timescale has passed and you question then as to where is my item.Guess whats next ? NOWT.

Nobody answers any messages no matter how many you send.You then go the dispute process of item not recieved and guess what another 10 days must pass before anything is done,after another week you might just get your money back.THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED BUT 99.9% OF THE TIME YOU DO.

Please when buying something always check the feedback,go to see sellers other items and then on the left hand side click completed listings.If only i did this i would have spotted the fact my phone had been sold 5 times,3 times that day.It,s about the best way to make sure you are not going to get fragged.

Although this does not guarantee it,it,s a good method,please try it,you never know,at least you get peace of mind anyway.

Hope this has been some use to you,i learnt the hard way,it wont happen again but who knows.Even the nicest of sellers,with little feedback can become you worse nightmare.

Thanks for reading,please rate it if it has been of some use,many thanks damien.

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