Moldavite A Little Piece Of Heaven

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Moldavite is regarded by some as the the ancient secret! Moldavite is one of the most mysterious and rarest of gemstones, even rarer than diamonds, it's olive green, glass like quality was formed from fire when a giant meteorite hit the earth 15 million years ago! A truly 'starborn' gem, Moldavite is regarded by many as the ultimate healing stone and as a powerful aid to higher conciousness and contact with higher dimensions, it is a powerful energising gemstone, acting as a catalyst rather than a calming stone. It's has a sometimes overwhelming energy which can be grounded with stones like Hematite and Black Tourmaline. It has been described as a 'gift from the heavens',  has been associated with the legendary Holy Grail,  some say it's an Emerald that fell from the crown of an Angel, it is quite literally a piece of the stars, some might say a piece of 'magic.' Moldavite is powerful in helping to achieve clarity, spiritual conciousness,  many believe it is a sacred source of healing for our planet at this time in our history. It is regarded as an excellent gemstone for those who use computers or electronic equipment, also as a powerful stone used on th third eye chakra to awaken spiritual conciousness and development. Moldavite will supercharge any stones it is used in conjunction with and is regarded as a powerful tramsformative healing gemstone when worn in jewellery.

Whatever you believe, Moldavite is a mysterious, rare and beautiful, olive green gemstone and if you want to buy your own piece of the stars now we have Moldavite gemstone incense in stock. We are expecting to list several pieces of Moldavite jewellery soon.

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