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Hi there, Just read the warnings about FAKE Molton Brown.

I to have fallen snare to purchasing  FAKE Ziao Ziao Hairwash- 300ML.

As soon as it arrived, I thought it looked different from another original bottle I had in the bathroom.

The writing, lid  and colour are all very different from an original bottle, the tell tale sign for me was when I smelt it,  Absolutely GROSS!!! 

It was as if someone had just filled the bottle with muck.

I emailed the seller straight away, as I have felt cheated, they did respond straight away telling me that it was origianl and was just old hotel stock.

I didn't believe them, but felt it was there word against mine, what could I do about it, (It was my 1st purchase on EBAY)

So BEWARE!! These people don't care if they sell you fakes, just more money for them.

Always check the feedback of a seller. Just be extra careful and benefit from genuine sellers letting you know, what to look out for.

Don't be caught out like me.

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