Mondeo 2.0 TDDI

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Ok, gave the job up and needed a new car (company car went back) Tax went down ho ho ho. Ok still need to buy a medium  size car. Suspects are Mondeo, Laguna (very Good motor previous company car). Vectra and thats all i liked.


Looked a t a few Lagunas, as said my old car was one of these so looked at a few but all were high milers and they are fetching good money, Vectra was also too much, I needed a car that was not too high in the miles as I was going (and have done) added more miles.  Enter stage left one mondeo TDDI GHia, well these seem a little unloved for some strange reason, but it does mean you can get a bargain motor. The engine can be vocal when its cold but these engines are used in the focus' today so dont be put off. The engine noise should settle down when hot.  The mpg is quite good and averages around 38 - 47 not too bad, it just depends on the pedal position. I would suspect these figures could easily be bettered by 'economical driving style' but not me folks!. the 38-47 is based on 75 -90 mph motor way driving (naughty i know). Mines a Ghia (cus I'm posh) but the trim level is quite good even on the LX models. I like the Ghia because the trim is nice and airy, The boot is huge and there are plenty of pockets in the car for oddments. The plastics on the front arm rest are a little hard unlike the soft laguna one. The parts I've bought so far brake pads servicing items are cheap enough and plentiful. The VED is £135 so its cheap to tax and cheap to insure. The general fit and finish is very good. The seats are very comfortable and offer plenty of adjustment so its easy to find a comfy driving position ( steering wheel is also adjustable).  Tyre life is so far so good. Its a Ford so everythings easy to use - such as the cd/radio.


Check one out and save!



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