Mondeo TDDI

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OK, these models (TDDI) seem to have a bad press - not sure why as the Focus shares the same engine.All the reviews tend to favour the TDCI, however try one of  these and you'll find that it really is a good motor. Mine hits around 47 - 55mpg not bad for a sizeable motor and thats driven fast. It can be noisy upon starting but it soon setttles down once warm.Look on the mondeo owners forum and you will see others favour  these engines.  I wont need to describe the mondeo as its already well publicised as a blindingly good car.
Some of the plastics can be hard, so if like me you spend a lot of time in your car and like to rest the arms on the door then you'll be an unhappy soul. Enev the centre cubby arm rest is hard.

They are also a little cheaper than their bretheren, now that must be worth a look.

One point worth checking out is the doors, open them all up and look behind them, mine had small rust spots appearing so be carefull out there.


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