Moon Lander Thomas J. Kelly

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Moon Lander  how we developed the Apollo Luner Module by Thomas J. Kelly.  160mm x 240mm a few b/w pictures and diagrams.

This is a very interesting detailed insight into the development and construction of the actual Luner Module (LM) used in the NASA Apollo missions in the late 60's early 70's.

The book details the intensive study and co-operation between the Grumman aircraft corporation that made the LM and NASA. The sparks really fly and relations between the large contractors are tested.

Grumman were given a basic proposal on what is needed by the LM, size and weight being critical factors. it was up to the Grumman design and development team to come up with a working prototype. Grumman corporation has a long standing history in aviation development, having a space division would lift Grumman's name up into a higher world profile. A large proportion of the responsibility for the success of this, was left on the shoulders of the author. reading this book gives you a feeling of the pressure that these technicians were under. Design, build, develope and test a vehicle to land on another world. Unprecedented engineering, only paralleled at the time by the work on the rest of the Apollo project. If you are interested in design and development, space history or the Apollo missions, this book will interest you.



 The problems are overcome one by one until finally the end product was delivered to NASA cape canaveral space centre for its inclusion in the first moon shot atop the Saturn V rocket.


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