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My gripe involves the removal (by EBay) of certain items which use designer names to describe the item (spamming). I realise that this ruling can be beneficial to customers in some cases, but I am aware of friends who have described an item using the designer name and the word STYLE (ie: Galliano dress - Dior style) which is used for descriptive purposes only and not meant to mislead. I am quite irritated by EBays removal of this type of description, especially when there are literally thousands of fake products who use the designer names blatantly and do not even have the honesty to use the word STYLE (Check out Vivienne Westwood bags - there are usually only one or two isolated genuine ones at any one time, but because the Hong Kong sellers claim the designer name completely, EBay allows the listing). Obviously EBay don't want to lose the financial gain from these power sellers.
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