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I bought what I thought was a genuine pair of short black uggs from ebay.They did not fit me, I am a size 4, I bought a size 4, the fake UGGS are supposed to be smaller made, genuine ones larger so I thought as mine were too big they must be genuine.I was wrong, they are very good copies but they are indeed FAKE.I reported the seller to paypal and raised a dispute as I had tried to contact the seller but had no reply.Paypal asked for confirmation that they were fake.How can you expect a reputable retailer to give you this on headed notepaper when you did not buy them from their shop?.They very kindly listed the differences for me and I thought that would be enough for paypal.I was wrong.The dispute went in favour of the seller of the fake UGGS so I am left out of pocket with a pair of fake ugg boots that I cannot wear as they are too big or me and cannot sell on to anyone .Do not expect paypal to give you a refund just because you feel you are due it.The dispute consul seems like the way to go but it definately did not help me.


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