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I am fed up with these cheats who continually spoil the auctions for the rest of us by using 'sniping' programs to bid for them in the last few seconds.

I have complained to e-bay but they are not interested and refer you to proxy bidding. That was until I spoke to Australian friends a few days ago who tell me that in Aus, an e-bay.Aus auction doesn't finish until either the end time is reached or until 10 minutes after the last bid, whichever is the later.

OK that may delay end times of some auctions to start with until users become accustomed to it, but ultimately it will mean that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip whilst still using the proxy bidding system, but sellers would now get a fair price which may well mean a higher price with e-bay also benefiting from more commission.

So how about it e-bay UK? If Aus can do it, so can you! Will e-bayers who agree with me please pressure e-bay to move on this.

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