Morette Style Twin Headlight Conversion for Peugeot 206

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Morette Style Twin Headlight Conversion for Peugeot 206
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I have recently bought a set of these off of Ebay. They are always advertised as Morette "style" twin headlight conversion, or twin angel eye headlights.
They are NOT genuine morettes, and they are no way near the standard of real Morette headlights. If your looking at a Morette twin headlight conversion, WITH halos then be warned -  they are NOT genuine Morettes, as actual Morettes do NOT have halos.

First of all, your sidelights. There are no sidelights as such on the conversion that I bought, instead you have 2 x Angel eye HALOs on each unit, which act as your sidelights. They do not put any light onto the road, and really are just for show in my opinion - there is no actual function to them in terms of providing light. The quality of the Halos is poor. The halos CAN NOT be seen properly, the full circle of light which the halos form DID NOT show properly on my set, you could barely tell it was there, with only patches of it showing, and most of it was hidden behind the light casing. So your not really getting halos, your getting some very dim poorly visible patches of light and not the great looking full circle halos you will see on an ultra branded halo headlight conversion. Also there is no connector for sidelights from what I could see on my units, you need to wire this in MANUALLY which involves cutting your existing wires to splice them in, which is fairly easy to do of course, but I can see no reason why anyone would want to butcher the cars existing wiring for such poor halos.

The build quality of the headlight plastic area is also not the best. They seem pretty weak and light, and Im sure it wont take much to break them. They can be sprayed to make them look really nice of course, but theyre no where near to the standard of a genuine Morette set up. I have owned the Morette Style lamps and also genuine Morettes - the more expensive ones are of a much higher quality (obviously). Again this is just my opinion after owning both types.

The headlight lenses are made of glass, and the quality of the beam produced was ok. I have seen on the internet that some peoples middle lens has become discoloured from water and moisture building up in the headlight lens. This may be from leaving the rear covers off the units, or perhaps moisture can get in over time anyway. Im a member of a few car forums and have come across this problem on forums a few times when searching through for information about morette headlights. I dont want to be completely negative about these lights, and when they are fitted they do look ok, very similar to morettes, and perform their job pretty well (apart from the sidelights). But the way they were quite light and flimsy, as well as the really cheap tacky halos put me off them within minutes off opening the box and getting them out. Morettes (genuine) are heavier, and to me they feel like a much better built unit.

To sum up, they are a nice looking set of lights, and especially if you really cant afford to buy NEW Morettes (genuine ones). But for what they cost, I would advise you to find a good set of second hand genuine Morettes, or alternatively save up and buy the real thing. After all, the originals are the originals!!! Theyre built better, and they are worth the money!

This is all just my opinion from owning these actual lights. I was so dissapointed with them I never bothered to fit them apart from while I was testing them, and sold them straight on to another ebayer. I tested the lights by connecting them up, and by running the Halos cables direct to the battery to see how they looked. The light emitted from the halos really was very dim, and even when I stood back from the car, the "halo" was not a clearly visible bright circle of light like it was supposed to be.

I am not saying "do not buy these lights" but I am just sharing my views on what I thought of them and maybe someone will read this and not have to experience the disappointment and the hassle of re-selling them that I had to endure! When they are fitted they will look almost identical to morettes, but for the sake of a little extra cash I think the genuine Morette headlights are the way to go - they are not that much more expensive any more, and a good second hand set will set you back around £150, with new ones in some outlets costing as little as £200! They are well built, attractive, produce good bright and solid light, are adjustable using electronic adjusters, and more importantly you will be able to find spare parts should you ever break a lens or the plastic covers. Spares come up on ebay all the time for actual Morette headlights - Im not sure if the same is true for these morette style lamps.

Finally, my apologies to anyone trading in these lights - Im not trying to do you out of business!!! Im just sharing my views of these lights having been very unhappy with a brand new set that I bought!
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