Morgan Dollars from China

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Ebay is being flooded by fake Morgan dollars. Mostly made in China they're being listed in huge numbers, especially in the UK where buyers are less wised up. Some days 60-90% of Morgans listed on are forgeries. Many are supposedly Carson City coins with the CC mint mark, frequently the higher-priced rarities of 1885 and 1889. The fakes have very low start prices and very high postal charges. Genuine coins cost around $500 and up. They're also producing coins of impossible years: Carson City was closed 1886-88 inclusive and permanently after 1893. Yet Chinese-sourced coins like '1886-CC' are being listed. The Chinese are also making forged 'slabbed' coins, to add further cod 'authenticity'.

Simple rule: don't touch any silver dollar from China. They're all fakes. And beware of a very few UK and US-based dealers now reselling these coins. Some are unaware the coins are fakes and have priced them to book values. Look out for experienced dealers with solid feedback from satisfied customers.

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