Morley Instatector

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Don't know if any fellow philatelists out there will read this but here's my fourpenny worth......

.....thought 'do I spend well over a hundred quid on a Signoscope or fifteen quid on one of these?' Spent the fifteen - wrong decision.

Unless I'm being really dim (wouldn't be the first time) the thing basically doesn't really work all that well. No matter how hard or soft you press, irrespective of the ambient room temperature, use the plastic insert or not etc etc - not good. Occasionally  a stamp will seem to suit the thing and come up trumps but 9 out of 10 times not much good. So yeah - I've now bought myself a Signoscope and hells teeth what a difference. I guess you pays your money......

Any tips on where I might be going wrong gratefully received - the thing's still sitting in my drawer!

email me at alan-champion (at) hotmail (dot) com to tell me how thick I am :-(


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