Morpheme Punarnava

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Morpheme Punarnava is a comprehensive formula for alleviating disorders related to urinary tract such as recurrent and chronic urinary tract infections. The entire plant including the leaves and the roots has medicinal properties. The herb also has several ethnobotanical uses. The juice of punarnava roots is considered beneficial for people suffering from rheumatism, leucorrhea, encephalitis and urinary disorders. Besides these, the plant also has antimicrobial, clinical and pharmacological properties. Morpheme Purnarnava is a ayurvedic product containing all the goodness of the herb without any fillers, common allergens or binders.

Benefits of Punarnava

  • It helps in blood and gastric juice purification.
  • It helps in combating edema and joint aches.
  • It helps in getting rid of inflammation.
  • It promotes energy and improves the body strength.
  • Punarnava is effective in issues related to the stomach and intestines.
  • It helps in removing the phlegm and catarrhal matter from the bronchial tubes and helps in issues like asthma.
  • The root of punarnava helps in skin disorders.
  • It helps with weakness of nerves.
  • Punarnava helps in conditions like paralysis where the functions of the muscles are inactive.
  • It helps in maintaining and promoting the right body weight.
  • It helps in proper urine flow and maintains the tissue fluid levels.

How is Punarnava Useful

Generally, the entire plant consists of phytochemical constituents including Punarnavoside (Rotenoids), Liriodendrin (lignans), B-sitosterol (Phytosterols), Potassium nitrate (Salts), punarnavine (Alkaloids) etc. Each part of the plant has therapeutic value. Studies have established the rejuvenating, detoxifying and aphrodisiac properties of the plant. It rejuvenates male reproductive system, liver and other organs. It helps in increasing libido, improving the quantity and quality of the semen, detoxification of skin and liver, reducing asthma, cough etc. The roots as well as the entire plant are used as medicine. The plant cleanses kidneys thereby helping to eliminate kidney stones (renal caculi). When used externally, punarnave alleviates the swelling and pain. The juice of roots, when instilled in the eyes, helps mitigate the complaints of the eyes such as conjunctivitis and night blindness. When the paste is used on the wounds, it helps to dry the oozing. Punarnava is quite beneficial, when it is used internally. It is one of the most frequently used herbs to alleviate swelling. It boosts filtration and revitalizes the renal function. It eliminates excessive fluids by improving the urinary output.

Punarnava improves the value of 6 to 7 categories of tissues such as blood, fat, nerves and bone marrow, nutrient plasma, muscle and reproductive fluids. Studies have also demonstrated the efficacy of the herb in diabetes and its ability to reduce blood lipids.
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