Motherboards MS7091 MS7222 MS7046

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These motherboards are normally fitted to Advent and Medion computers.They are both Socket 775 LGA based motherboards for the socket 775 Intel HT processor. These boards normally are fitted with DDR SD-Ram 184 pin.

When these motherboards go belly up you are faced with a prospect of replacing the motherboard with a like for like product. Unfortunately you will not be able to buy a motherboard now with DDR 184 pin SD-Ram memory provision. Instead you will have to buy a board with the same LGA775 socket varient but with DDR2 240 pin memory sockets. Sell your 184 pin memory on your ebay and the sale will offset the cost of the new memory outlay. In any event the DDR2 memory is about a 3rd faster than the older type so you pc will run faster anyway.

Go to my ebay to view my product options for the motherboard for the Advent,Medion & Intel based Ei-System computers. Some Packard Bell also fall into this category. If in doubt ring me for product support.

Chris The Computer Doctor

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