Mothercare Trenton Deluxe Pushchair!

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Yet another pushchair.......!!

I have used this travel system since september 06 and have been all around pleased with it!

There is lots of good points and some bad points as with every pushchair you will try! 

The good points of this pushchair being:

  • The Shopping basket space large! Always great for large amounts of shopping.

  • The Raincover well this is great especially with the zip through the middle so that you can quickly move your baby from the pushchair to the car

  • The car seat also looks comfortable for the baby and slots nicely into the pushchair and is easy to remove & insert

  • The seat is amazingly big i can fit inside it! Also has the inserts which makes it look even more comfortable

  • The Wheels are large so this makes it overall easy to push

  • Car seat is easy to fit into car & fits all cars ive tried!

  • Can be got in all different colours

  • Has lots of handy pockets!

  • Footmuff is very good and cosy

  • matching accessories are avalible via mothercare!

  • brakes are very good and definately prevents pushchair from rolling away!

  • recognised Brand of pushchair

  • mothercare staff friendly and helpful and customer services are very good

  • Children wouldnt be able to fold down the pushchair because of the way it folds always good thing if you have older children aswell!

The Bad points are:

  • The folded up size is large

  • it takes a while to get used to pushing and judging distances! As it is quiet large

  • The Pushchair itself is large not really idea for small village shops!

  • doesnt fit very well in small cars! Needs the parcel shelf of the car taken out
  •  Can get heavy when big children in it
  • some spares are expensive like i broke the accesory bar! but thats due to my fault!
  • Buggy boards arent really a good idea on this pushchair

Other Accesories which came with my system

  1. Carrycot- Very good and even if yours didnt come with the carry cot you can get hold of them! They are great for newborns up to 3 months old and fit snug in the pushchair and have a top onto them to keep babys heat in and looks very comfortable. The pushchairs hood moves the opposite way and rests on the playtray and then the carrycot fits on the inside which looks great and you can see your baby!
  2. Car Seat- The carseat which your newborn will use up to about 9months, maybe some smaller babies may last longer but while it lasted it was great! Fitted in the car a treat!
  3. Accesory Bar- On the handles attached from the handles dropping down onto the parent tray is the accesory bar which has a little plastic pocket type thing great for putting wallet or phone or reciepts or vouchers in!
  4. Parent Tray- 2 Cup Holders and in the middle a little tray with a lid on and intergrated in that a temperature gauge and clock which is great! Not so sure that the temperature gauge is always correct though!
  5. Raincover- Fantastic! It has a zip across the front so that you  can take baby out and put her in the car and the puschair doesnt get wet or when shoppin when in shop unzip it and then poutside zip it back up
  6. Shopping Basket- The shopping basket has a drop down basket on it which you pull towards you so that youcan access your shopping while the pushchair seat is fully reclined.
  7. Reclining Chair- Fully reclines great for tired children!
  8. leg rest- good for sleeping children so their legs arent just dangling!
  9. Play Tray- two cup holders and one little open part great for snacks and drinks while baby inside. Holds bottles great

Websites of interest relating to this guide!

Ebay Search for mothercare trenton pushchair

Also the mothercare website which is

The things you need to consider before buying this puschair are:

  1. Do you have enough room in your car to transport it? If you have a small car the parcel shelf needs to be taken out and not much room left over
  2. Do you have enough room at home to store it? Quiet big when folded
  3. Where you plan on using it? Not to great in village shops and small spaces
  4. What colours you would like? There is alot of variety of colours of this puschair


I would overall reccommend this product its great especially for a newborn! All the accesories you get are great and matching accesories are avalible. i havent had to send the puschair back atall. Great item. Hope this helps someone!

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