Moto GP day of champions

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Moto GP Day of Champions 2007

Fifteen pounds was a large gate fee for this event.  A day at the BMF or a New Era club racing event is much better, in fact I've had as much fun watching people doing a track day.

I was expecting to meet one or two of the current stars (especially John Hopkins who promoted the event from the grid a couple of weeks ago). One or two of the old guard like Mick Doohan and a few of the bikes, both old and new doing a few fast parade laps.  I thought Randy Mamola might have taken a few people out on the two seat Ducati as well !!

What we got was a few people ambling around pretty slowly in sidecars, some plebs on scooters and mountain bikes! Yes mountain bikes on Britains premiere circuit on the run up to Moto GP! And a National Express coach doing coach tours around the track at a speed that would have sent pensioners to sleep, let alone a hardened race junkie. Worst still you had to pay extra to get on this bus and I never saw a solo motorcycle turn a wheel all day.

There was also the option of a pit pass for yet more extra dough, but watching some twat endlessly reving an engine is not my idea of entertainment.  Even a Moto GP bike gets on your tits after a few minutes if it becomes obvious that it isn't actually going to move.

The stands were so-so, my favourite being Fiesty Racing who had a friendly fresh attitude to bikes, which will hopefully get a few more women involved in the sport.  The Duke video stand was next best, but they didn't even have the one I wanted ( MOTO GP 2002 Reveiw), and after messing me about once before with orders I declined their offer of free postage.

James Toseland's band Crash were very good, he did some good covers, but that wasn't what I went for, although the girl I was with was impressed.  Steve Parish and crew were entertaining, but again not what I was after.

My advice to anyone thinking of going next year is find out whats on the program first, or just go to one of the practise days. Friday was 17 quid and saturday 25 and your guaranteed proper action.

Before I forget there was an auction that went on until 9pm selling presumably all sorts of GP memorabilia, so if thats your thing it is well worth a look. 

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