Motocross Bike Year / Age READ BEFORE BUYING KX CR KTM

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I have been into motocross and buying and selling motocross bikes for many years, the ammout of bike I see on ebay which are advertised as the wrong year is getting beyond a joke!!!!

The Frame and engine number on the bike can tell you the year. Before buying a bike i suggest you call a dealer for whatever make bike you are looking at and get them to check it out.

You can use this website: to check your bike year, although this does not work on all bikes and you should really ring the dealers.

I can guarantee that as im writing this there are quite a few motocross bikes listed on eBay with the wrong year.

Another way to find out the year etc if you cant find out from the numbers is to visit this forum: and join the forum, everyone is VERY happy to help and if you post a link to the bike or pictures then people should be able to identify the bike.

E.g: YZ125 have alloy frames from a 2005 onwards, 2002-2004 have the new plastics but a steel frame. a 2001 has a White airbox and old plastics, 2000 and before have black airboxes and old plastics. etc etc

There are many tell tail signs of a bikes age, and it can make £500-£1000 difference in some cases if the age is lied.

So take the time to check the motocross bikes age BEFORE buying.

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