Motorbike Cover Buying Guide

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Motorbike Cover Buying Guide

A motorbike cover is used to cover a motorcycle, dirt bike, mountain bike, electric scooter, or other type of motorised bicycle. Usually, motorbike covers are designed to protect the bike from dust and weather during storage or when not in use, and can come with a variety of options including cords, clips, and fitted models. Motorbike covers can also include waterproofing, different sizes, and security options such as locking grommets, which are extremely useful when the bike is not stored indoors.

Buyers should decide which style and size of motorbike cover they need as well as any extra features they are looking for. Setting a budget, measuring the bike, and choosing the style that the cover attaches to the bike are all important considerations before actually purchasing a motorbike cover. Buyers can purchase motorbike covers in motorcycle accessories and parts shops, and in online specialty stores and sites.

Sizing a Motorbike Cover

Motorbike covers are usually designed to fit bikes of different size, although some are designed for one specific bike. The most common sizing method uses small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, which correspond to similar sizes of bikes. Most buyers can estimate the size of cover they need based on pure size but it is always useful to measure. Many bike covers are one size only and designed to fit every bike but measurement is still important in this case. Most experts recommend choosing a cover that is too big rather than one that is too small, should the motorbike not fit exactly into one size or the other.


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It is important to remember that sizes do differ from brand to brand. In fact, the sizes of many brands are completely different based on their own size calculations. It is always important to measure the bike and then compare the measurements to any size chart listed. One size motorbike covers should list the maximum size, and motorbike covers designed for a single brand of bike should also list the size either on the box or in the description if the cover is being purchased online.

Buyers should measure the height, width, and length of the bike and try taking the measurements three times to ensure they are accurate. They should note the lengths each time and then use the measurements to find a suitable cover. The height of the bike corresponds with its tallest part, usually the handlebars, while the width corresponds with the widest part of the bike. The length can be measured from the tip of the front tire to the tip of the rear tire.

Choosing Motorbike Cover Features

Most motorbike covers offer a variety of features, ranging from stretch fabric to waterproof functions, and a variety of different fabrics. Buyers can choose features based on their needs and their budget as adding more functions usually means adding to the price. Some features are very important based on location and activity of the biker but for the same reason can also be unimportant.


Waterproofing is a common feature on many motorbike covers. Any bike that is stored outside can benefit from a waterproof cover, even if it is only being stored in a parking lot for the night while travelling. Waterproofing can be accomplished using wax or oil and can usually protect the bike under even heavy rain. Because water can completely ruin a motorbike, getting a waterproof cover is very important for anyone planning on leaving the bike outside. Anyone who plans to store a bike indoors most or all of the time can simply purchase a very lightweight and affordable dust cover rather than spending the extra money to get a waterproof cover.

Fitted Motorbike Cover

A fitted bike cover is one that fits down completely over the bike and usually features a drawstring to pull tight around the base of the motorcycle. These covers offer the most coverage because they are least likely to be blown out of place by the wind, but do require that they fit the bike exactly. A cover that is too big might still go over the bike but might not tighten enough at the base. Fitted bike covers can range in size and weight and are usually easy to fit into pouches and bags to take along while travelling.

Clip-On Motorbike Cover

A clip-on motorbike cover is similar to a tarp and might attach to the bike or to stakes on the ground. This type of cover is rather old fashioned and is not always found easily but can be useful for anyone who wants to cover other things, such as sleeping gear or a second bike. Clip-on covers are usually more inexpensive than fitted covers and are also more lightweight.

Safety Grommets

Safety grommets are a great feature for motorbike covers because they allow the cover to be affixed with a padlock or cable. While this does not completely prevent someone from stealing the bike, it does make it more difficult to do so. Added safety measures, especially while travelling or when the bike is parked in the open are always helpful for preventing theft. Safety grommets range in style and size and can include grommets with padlocks directly through the cover, or the ability to padlock the lacing closed around the bike.

Dealership Motorbike Covers

Sometimes the maker of the motorbike, such as Honda or Ducati, might have a cover made specifically for an individual bike model. In this case, it might be a good idea to search for the specific cover as it is guaranteed to fit the bike well. Many model-style covers actually cover the complete bike but might have the brand logo and the name of the bike on the material as well as any brand colours incorporated into the design.

Motorbike Cover Materials

Motorbike covers are made of a variety of different materials and can differ in weight, thickness, and protection. The expensive motorbike covers are likely to be made of lightweight waterproof polyester material that is easy to transport on a motorbike. Some options are made of very thick and heavy canvas but these are not suited for travelling as they can weigh a great deal. Very cheap options can include stretchable fabrics such as Lycra and polyester blends, which are usually one size fits all rather than in different sizes.

Choosing a Motorbike Cover

Choosing a motorbike cover should depend on several major influencing decisions. First, the size of the bike is extremely important. If the cover is too small, then it cannot cover the motorbike properly. Getting proper measurements can help to avoid this issue when shopping for a cover. Measurements are almost always listed on the back of the box or in the product description online.

Another option to decide is the colour of the cover. There are also many fashionable or brightly coloured motorbike covers available but most experts recommend against them. Motorbikes are often quite valuable and unless stored indoors, the cover can attract unwanted attention to the bikes. Subtler colours including grey, black, white, dark olive, and blue are less likely to attract attention. However, a motorbike is obviously a motorbike, even if it is covered with an unassuming cover. Choosing a brightly coloured one is perfectly fine, especially if the bike is not stored in an easy to access location, or in a high profile auto-theft zone.


Motorbike covers are useful for protecting a motorbike from dust and rain. Many covers come waterproof so that they can be used outdoors to protect the bike from rust and water in the engine. Covers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with different features including grommets, ties and clips, and fitted options that either slide down over the bike or pull tight around the base of the bike using a drawstring or cord.

Anyone looking for a motorbike cover should measure the bike, check the measurements against sizes provided by the manufacturer, and then choose a cover that suits that person's needs. Anyone who parks the motorbike indoors can choose a simple light dust cover although anyone who occasionally spends the night travelling with the bike might want a waterproof one. Buyers can look in bike shops and in online stores including eBay and then make a decision based on size colour, features, and price.

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