Motorbike Security Parts Every Biker Must Own

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Motorbike Security Parts Every Biker Must Own

It is unfortunate that motorbikes make for an easy target for potential thieves. An unsecured bike can be quickly and easily rolled, driven, or carried away in a short period of time, and thieves are willing to steal expensive motorbikes from private or public places, anytime of the day or night.

Motorbike security parts are available from specialty motorbike stores and vehicle security specialists. Many online stores also specialise in providing top quality branded motorbike security parts. For the option of buying new or used security devices to protect a motorbike, many consumers choose to head online to eBay, where they can find a wide selection of devices at competitive prices.

Understanding the importance of properly securing a motorbike can help reduce the risk of it being stolen. In order to make an informed purchase decision, it pays for consumers to have some knowledge on what types of security devices are available as well as knowing how, where, and when to use these various security options.

The Benefits of Motorbike Security Parts

A motorbike is an efficient and useful mode of transport for many people. Convenient to park, easily stored, and a reliable transportation option, motorbikes are a popular choice for many people. Unfortunately, if not correctly protected and secured, a motorbike can be a relatively easy item to steal. Having a motorbike stolen is a hassle for several reasons. There is the inconvenience of losing your transportation, the time and effort required following up with insurance, the increased monthly premiums that likely result, as well as the disappointment of losing such a valuable piece of motoring equipment.

In order to deter potential thieves from stealing the bike, many motorcyclists choose to secure the bike with at least one of the available security device options designed especially for keeping a motorbike safe and in the same place the rider left it. Taking advantage of these useful motorbike security parts can help to deter the bike from being stolen and thereby may also help reduce monthly insurance premiums.

Different Types of Security Options for Motorbikes

Fortunately for bike enthusiasts, there are several effective options available to secure a motorbike. These include audible alarms, disc locks, etching, immobilisers, and padlocks and chains. The type one chooses usually depends on the type of bike to be secured, personal preference, and budget.

Motorbike Security Alarms

Consumers have a wide choice when it comes to choosing a security alarm for their motorbike. Motorbike security alarms range significantly in price, depending on what extent of security they offer. Inexpensive models simply make an audible noise when the bike is moved, and others can be triggered when the bike is tilted, while others can sound an audible voice alarm when the bike is approached too closely. A security alarm is a common security feature many motorbike riders choose to have.

However, an alarm is only effective if someone is around to hear it, and if someone who is around is prepared to intervene. The more expensive security alarms can offer SMS and email alerts should the alarm be triggered. This allows the bike owner to check out what is going on. Some alarm models also offer real-time GPS tracking. These two features can be useful should someone attempt to steal the bike. It is best not to rely solely on an audible alarm to protect a motorbike.

Motorbike Disc Locks

A motorbike disc lock is a locking device that attaches to the wheel discs of a motorbike or scooter. A heavy metal pin inserts through one of the holes in the wheel disc, locking the wheel in place. The benefit of a disc lock is that it is small, relatively inexpensive, and deters someone from being able to push the motorbike away. However, a disc lock does not prevent an organised thief from picking up the bike and taking it away in the back of a van or truck.

Motorbike Data Etching

Data etching or coding is a useful way to inconspicuously protect a motorbike. Bike panels can be etched with a visible code. This makes it difficult for a thief to sell the bike, and should the bike be found, it can more easily be identified by police using the etched code. Another relatively new way of identifying a bike is to tag the motorbike, once again allowing police to identify a bike when found. This type of security is great for getting a stolen bike back, but it is not as visual a deterrent as other types of security devices.

Motorbike Immobiliser

In order to make it difficult for someone to start the motorbike's engine and drive it away, an engine immobiliser is designed to do just that. A motorbike immobiliser, sometimes called a kill switch, is a small switch that is hidden somewhere on the bike where potential thieves cannot find it. When the switch is activated the engine does not start. The only way the engine can start is if the switch is deactivated. When well-placed, a motorbike engine immobiliser is a useful security device.

Motorbike Security Chain

One of the more common types of security devices for motorbike owners is a motorbike security chain and lock. Considered one of the better types of visible deterrents to potential thieves, a heavy chain wrapped through the bike wheel or frame and around an immovable object can prevent someone from taking off with a bike. Available in a range of chain lengths, security chains are an inexpensive security device option for any motorbike owner.

Some Added Motorbike Security Tips

When looking to purchase motorbike security parts, it pays to understand how to utilise them to the fullest. Motorbike owners should have some understanding of the following basic security tips.

Quality Products

When purchasing security devices to protect an expensive piece of equipment like a motorbike, it is recommended to spend as much as the budget allows in order to buy top quality products from trusted brands. Buying a motorbike is a costly event, and for those on a budget, they may like to consider purchasing used security parts to protect the new bike.

Combination of Security Devices

Using a combination of several different motorbike security parts helps to deter the majority of bike thieves. Choose devices that protect different parts of the motorbike. For example, use a disc lock with an alarm and immobiliser, or use a chain, audible security alarm, and throttle and brake lock. Thieves can steal a bike in several different ways. They may quietly push it away, and they can pick it up and load it into a van or truck and take it away, some thieves start the engine and drive it away, and some even just steal valuable parts of the motorbike. Using a combination of security devices deters a potential thief from any of these methods.

Home Storage

When storing the bike at home, it is best to store it out of sight, ideally in a garage and not sitting out the front of the house. A ground anchor is a great way to secure the motorbike to something immovable. Ground anchors are bolted to the floor, and a heavy security chain keeps the bike anchored. Keep tools that may be useful to steal the bike out of sight and keep the motorbike keys hidden from view and not left on the bike.

Public Storage

Storing and parking a motorbike in public can be a security risk, depending on where the bike is parked and how it is secured. When parking the bike in public, choose somewhere where it is easily seen by people. A motorbike tucked away down a back alleyway with no one around makes for an easier target than a bike stored in clear view of passers-by. Some motorbike owners even choose to use a motorbike cover over their bike, especially when it is parked in a public place. A simple and inexpensive item to purchase, motorbike covers help to deter potential thieves, as a thief is less likely to bother stealing something that cannot easily be seen.


A motorbike is an expensive piece of motoring equipment that can be frustrating, costly, and time wasting if stolen. Because motorbikes are relatively lightweight, small in size, and portable, they make for an easy target for opportunistic thieves. In order to protect a motor bike, there are a number of different types of security devices, including audible alarms, disc locks, data etching, immobilisers, as well as security chains. Many motorbike owners choose to have a combination of devices to protect their bike. To utilise security devices to their fullest potential, owners may like to consider purchasing top quality security products from well-respected brands and reflect on how and where they store their bike.

Buying motorbike security parts on eBay allows buyers to search through a wide range of items for sale. Buyers have the choice of buying new or used security devices from a selection of top quality brands at competitive prices. Their simple search methods and reputable sellers make purchasing on eBay an enjoyable buying experience.

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