Motorcycle Body Kits Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Body Kits Buying Guide

If a motorbike owner is keen to work on his own motorcycle, then one of the most frustrating activities, before work can commence on the engine, is removing all the body panels. The owner is anxious to replace a worn part or diagnose a problem, but before all that, there seems to be hundreds of screws to take off to remove the body panels.

Of course, all these screws seem to be of different sizes with different threads and fittings. Some are cross-headed screws, while others are Allen key type fittings, and others require a small spanner to remove. Then of course there are the nuts and other fittings from the other end of the screws, each seemingly a different size. But the real fun is to come later after the problem is fixed, and the bike owner is left with a pile of loose body panels and a neat pile of nuts and bolts, all seemingly different.

It is at this point, the bike owner wishes he had put each nut and bolt in a separate container, neatly marked with where each came from. The owner also wishes that he had brought out the digital camera to take some timely photos of just where all these extra nuts and bolts came from, and wrote down exactly which nut and bolt went where. Knowing where the right nuts and bolts actually fit, and where each screw should be inserted can only help the motorcycle mechanic. The buyer should know that eBay has an extensive range of motorcycle body kits to assist in this task.

Motorcycle Parts

Removing all the many nuts, bolts, and screws from the body panels is only a small part of working on a motorcycle. After the hopefully successful job is completed, the task then is to refit all these parts. Almost inevitably, unless extreme caution and diligence is applied, the motorcycle owner may find that there are some parts missing. Either he has lost these parts, or if the bike is second hand, then a previous owner has lost them.

Thankfully, help is at hand by way of full kits of all the correct, manufacturer-approved fittings to make the task easy and straightforward. Also, to make things even easier, manufacturers now tend to make several different models of bikes that all have the same body kit fittings.

Manufacturers and Body Kits

Below is a table showing the most popular manufacturers and some of their models of bikes. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but should give the bike owner a better understanding of just which nuts and bolts fit which bike.


Body Kits Available


CB125R, CR250R, CR450R


KX125, KX250, KXF250, KX250F, KX450, KXF450, KX450F


RM125, RM250, RMZ250, RMZ450,


WR250F, WR450F

Many of these kits are for multiple models of bikes from a manufacturer. Of course, as more parts become available, this list of makes and models expands, so it always wise for the bike owner to check to see if his bike is listed.

Missing Motorcycle Kits

If the bike owner sees that no kit is available for his particular make or model of motorcycle, then the owner's handbook should be consulted. This gives details of every nut and bolt found on the body kit, and the user can then order each one separately.

Body Kits with Add-Ons

For the proud owner of a classic or "super bike" who wants to improve and customise the looks of his bike, there are a range of accessories that can really turn heads when the owner is out and about on his dream machine. Kits with add-ons have lights to add to the underside of the fairing and engine, giving a dramatic and head-turning look to the machine, especially at night. Thanks to modern LED technology, which offers superior performance, long bulb life and a choice of colours, these kits are now available to the owner who wants to make his bike stand out from the crowd.

Remote Controls

Rather than having a switch on the handlebars, or the user having to retrofit a button onto the dashboard, most body kits are now remotely controlled from a keyfob in much the same way as a car door can now be opened and locked by remote control. Most kits are supplied with two remote fobs, in case the owner loses one. The batteries for these remotes are of the same type as car remote door controls, and are readily available at many outlets.

Body Kit LEDs

Thanks to the recent advances in LED technology, both in lower power consumption, but mainly due to the vast array of colours now available, the buyer of a motorcycle body kit can now choose from a rainbow of separate colours, or even a multi-colour unit that displays whatever colour the owner chooses. Originally, LEDs were red, but now there are kits available that produce blue, pure white, green, purple, pink, amber, or yellow.

Multi-Coloured LED Body Kits

For the bike owner who wants to be able to change the colour of the body kit illumination at will, there are a number of kits available that allow the owner to do just that. These kits are usually one of two kinds: 7-colour or 15-colour. The user can then set his chosen colour via the remote control.

Numbers of LEDs

LED body kits come with different numbers of LEDs. Obviously, the more LEDs a kit contains, the higher the level of illumination. These kits normally have 10, 36, or 60 LEDs. The 60 LED kits usually have them arranged as 10 different blocks, each with six LEDs in a block.

Control Box and LEDs

The body kit comes with detailed fitting instructions, and should come with fixings too, but if not, then the buyer is advised to purchase plenty of tie wraps for both mounting the LEDs and control box, but also should not forget the wires from the control box to the LEDs themselves. Depending on the paint colour of the bike, neutral colours should be purchased, though black is a very common motorcycle colour.

When the bike owner is fitting the kit, he should take extra care and attention over the fitting of the new purchase. If an LED cable is too long, then the remainder should be neatly folded or coiled up, with the excess wire being neatly tucked out of the way and securely tie wrapped to the frame or other body part. Careful attention should also be paid to just where the LEDs are placed on the motorcycle.

How to Buy a Motorcycle Body Kit from eBay

Buying a motorcycle body kit from eBay should be a very simple task. Whether you need nuts, bolts, and screws for fitting the body panels to a bike, or whether you are looking to customise the machine, eBay has much to choose from.

If you are looking for the fittings for the bodywork, then you should carefully look through the many listings to see if your particular bike is among the listings, and purchase accordingly. If however, your bike is not listed, then the motorcycle manual should be consulted, as this should show the exact fittings for every nut, bolt, and screw holding the bodywork on the bike. These individual fittings are also readily available on eBay.

If you are looking to customise your bike, then eBay has many different kits available, and you would do well to spend plenty of time to see just what options you have to make the bike stand out from the crowd. To find motorcycle body kits on eBay, go the head of any eBay page and type "motorcycle body kit&" into the search bar. After the list of items comes up, you can use the different limiters to narrow your search. You can also type in a more a specific search, such as "Yamaha WR250F body kit". When deciding which seller to purchase from, make sure that the merchant is a Top-rated seller, so you can have a positive buying experience on eBay.


If a motorcycle owner is looking to work on his bike, and realises that either the previous owner, or he himself has lost an essential nut or bolt from the bodywork, then the owner should not despair. Rather than ride the bike and risk some vital parts falling off as he is riding, or having the panel rattle in the wind, the biker should consider buying a complete kit of all the different nuts, bolts, and screws, which are available for many of the most popular bikes around today. If the complete kit is not available, then the consumer should consult the manual for the bike, and order one or more separately.

If the buyer is looking to customise a bike, then eBay has a large choice of motorcycle body kits to suit every bike and pocket. Whether the buyer is looking for a solid colour or one that may change to suit the environment, or even his mood, there are tens, if not hundreds, to choose from on eBay.

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