Motorcycle Replica Fairings

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This is a warning to all motorcycle owners that are after race replica fairings for there R1's Fireblades Ducatis Etc.

There are several traders from Hong Kong offering these stunningly good looking fairings unfortunatly i bought one for a Ducati 748 last year,  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY ONE  they are the cheapest nastiest item i've ever had the mispleasure to buy and as for trying to get your money back forget it even E Bay didn't help. The fairing in question was a FILA Rep and the finish was so bad it was unreal, it was cracked, scratched, transfers were spelt wrong, paint colour was totally wrong it was worse than abismall,  And they always put in the advert there's a small scratch that wouldn't show up on the camera. Geesh no wonder when you can see where the sandpaper has been run across the fairing it'self prior to painting. after contacting the seller it was apparent i was getting nowhere fast and E Bay well why did i bother.

So Please be warned STAY WELL AWAY FROM THESE SELLERS        



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