Motorhome Parts Buying Guide

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Motorhome Parts Buying Guide

Motorhomes are wonderful vehicles in which to take a holiday, travel, or even live. Most motorhomes are used to travel around the countryside without having to pay for expensive hotels. There are some issues with motorhome ownership that need to be addressed that do not need to be addressed when owning an automobile. When a person owns a motorhome, buying parts for that motorhome is an important part of ownership. Unlike an automobile or other vehicle, there are a lot more parts on a motorhome. On the other hand, a car typically consists of engine parts or body parts.

Some of the parts for a motorhome are far more specialised. It is this specialisation that makes buying parts for a motorhome sometimes difficult. Many new and used motorhome parts can be found at auto parts shops and on eBay. In order to quickly and accurately acquire parts for a motorhome, a few things have to be considered. A consumer needs to know which parts are needed, to which part of a motorhome the damaged parts belong, and finally, which type of part can be ordered.

Identifying the Part Needed

In some cases, identifying parts that are needed is a simple process. If the motorhome cooker, refrigerator, or other appliance breaks, it is usually relatively obvious. Identifying the part then becomes a simple matter of finding the make, model, and year of the motorhome and sometimes the model number of the part. At that point, the replacement part can very easily be found.

Other times, identifying the part needed for a motorhome is a lot more difficult. Not only does the motorhome have an engine similar to a truck, there are many other mechanical parts that can break. It is not always easy to identify exactly which part is needed. The engine can usually be diagnosed by an experienced motorhome mechanic. Then, a mechanic can recommend which parts need to be ordered.

Other motorhome parts that may need to be ordered that are not always easy to diagnose include: motors for extensions, doors, or other hidden mechanical parts. These parts can be difficult to identify as causing a problem. Sometimes a reputable dealership or mechanic can help with this identification. Many times, the identification depends on the type of motorhome and the features it contains.

Identifying the Parts of a Motorhome

Most motorhomes have two different sections. The first section is called the cab. The second section of the motorhome is called the passenger cabin. The passenger cabin contains the kitchen, living area, sleeping area, and bathroom. Each section of the motorhome must be identified to purchase the correct parts. This does not matter so much when purchasing items, such as seats, doors, or body panelling. It does matter when a person is purchasing a motor, wiring harnesses, and other electronic parts. It is important to identify exactly what the part is for in this case.

Main Types of Motorhome Parts

There are three main types of vehicle parts that can be ordered. There are new, used, and aftermarket parts. Each of these parts have both benefits and liabilities when ordering them. None of these types of parts are better than the other, and the main factors for using each are the cost of the part and the year of the motorhome.

New Motorhome Parts

New motorhome parts are generally parts from a manufacturer. These are sold new and are usually ordered through an auto parts shop or a motorhome manufacturer. They can also be found on marketplaces, such as eBay. These parts are generally referred to as original equipment manufacturer (OEM). New parts are generally the most preferable, but at times, the most costly. New parts are also not available for many older makes and models of motorhomes, so they may be difficult to come by. Many older motorhomes are more prone to having problems, so the fact that new parts may not be available can make repairs difficult.

Aftermarket Motorhome Parts

Aftermarket motorhome parts are parts made for a specific motorhome, but not by the motorhome manufacturer. The are many places that make or mould parts to fit older and newer model motorhomes. These parts are considered new, but sometimes are made in a different country or for a wider range of models and years of motorhomes. This means that they may not fit as well as a part made specifically for a type of motorhome. Often, screw holes do not line up perfectly or there may be extra holes for different models. This is particularly true of body panels and interior cabin pieces. The body panels are often the parts that are purchased as aftermarket parts.

Used Motorhome Parts

Used motorhome parts are just how they sound. Used parts often come from people who have, for whatever reason, stopped using their motorhome or sold it to a junkyard after an accident. Many motorhomes that have been in an accident still have a large amount of parts that are working and are undamaged. These parts can be considerably less expensive than the new or aftermarket versions of these parts. These parts often have limited, or no, warranties but should be in working condition when received. Make sure when buying used parts that they come from a reputable source.

Refurbished Motorhome Parts

Many parts of a motorhome can be purchased as refurbished, which means that a factory has rebuilt the part. The part is turned into the manufacturer or junkyard as not working, and they basically rebuild it. This happens with many motorhome appliances and basic parts. Some of the refurbished parts carry a warranty similar to new or aftermarket parts. They are most often considered like new, particularly if the corporation that originally manufactured the motorhome is the corporation that refurbished or remanufactured the parts.

Each of these types of parts have their own pros and cons. Like anything, it comes down to personal decision which type of part is chosen. The decision of which to buy also depends on the part being purchased.

Type of Part




Has warranty

Fits correct make, model, and year

Can be ordered from manufacturer

More expensive than others

May be discontinued

May need to be painted


Has warranty

May fit multiple models and years

Less expensive than new

Can be ordered from multiple places

May not fit correctly

May not be painted


Least expensive

Usually fits as new

Can be easily found

Limited or no warranty

May have worn parts

May give out quickly

Needs to be checked over before installation


Like-new parts

Often cheaper than new

Fits like new parts

Usually come from original manufacturer

Seals and rubber pieces are new

May not last as long

Are technically used even if rebuilt

May have defects

Ultimately, the choice between new, used, aftermarket, or refurbished parts is a personal one. It depends on the part and circumstance in which it is being purchased. Many of the new parts are not made for older motorhomes, so the additional choices must be considered. These choices all must be considered carefully before purchasing parts for motorhomes. When buying motorhome parts, be sure that there is some sort of guarantee that they are working and in good shape regardless of which parts are purchased. A seller should also have some sort of recourse or return policy if the part is not correct or not working.


A motorhome can be a wonderful way to see and enjoy the country, but as with any motor vehicle, it may need to be repaired on occasion. Since motorhomes often have specialised parts, such as those in the cabin, they can be difficult to find. A buyer has a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing or upgrading motorhome parts. A person can purchase new, used, aftermarket, or refurbished parts. Each of these choices have their own benefits and drawbacks that must be carefully considered before a purchase is made. Most of this decision comes down to cost, warranty, or the type of part that is needed. Since motorhomes are more complex than many other vehicles, the parts may be difficult to find through ordinary means. All of these motorhome parts can be purchased on the popular auction website, eBay. When using eBay to find motorhome parts, it is a good idea to specify which type of part is needed.

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