Motoringbooksofbookham !!!!!!

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Motoringbooksofbookham is a seller i would avoid at all costs, its amazing how this seller is a top rated seller even with several negative feedback, i wish i had checked this negative feedback before i bought from the unproffesional seller, i did not recieve my item and when i approached the seller regarding this matter he was unhelpful demanding i check with the local postoffice as this type of thing never happens to him apparently so it must be a mistake with myself or the postoffice not him, then he stopped replying to my messages altogether, it took weeks for this seller to refund my money back to me and even then this seller could not say sorry for the wasted time, my wasted time to recieve my refund, and if that was not bad enough he followed up my neutral feedback with a rather sarcastic comment which just made him look even more unproffesional than he already is, this seller obviously cannot deal with problems very well, if it does not go his way then he ignores you, makes you wait for your refund then leaves you sarcastic comments, its pathetic!! i have never had any hassel with any other seller on ebay except this arrogant, sarcatic seller, trust me avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!
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