Motorola MOTOFONE™ F3 review and buyers guide

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In a nutshell Motorla have a secret weapon in the Motorola MOTOFONE™ F3 mobile phone. It is designed for developing markets and is low cost but with a difference which is only now becoming understood by the dealers. Its a great phone. Its low cost. Its voice quality is outstanding. Its display is mono but large lettering is clear and easy to see for middle aged and senior citizen eyes. The battery lasts forever (well many days at least). There are no complex applications to learn. Its a phone. You can send texts. You can store phone numbers. You can set the time and an alarm You can choose from a few chirpy modern ringtones. And thats it. It doesnt do anything else. Its not confusing. And remember its as cheap as can be. I bought one for my mum for 25 quid sim free. You can find them on ebay for that. Motorola MOTOFONE™ F3 review and buyers guide "Winner of the "Best Ultra Low Cost Handset” Award at 3GSM World Congress 2007" In addition, graphical icons visually demonstrate the menu features as well as network status and battery strength. For pre-paid customers, the MOTOFONE F3 may have been configured by the pre pay nework operator to automatically report the status of the pre-paid account after each call or message, allowing consumers to stay in control of use and expense. Surprisingly thin and light yet oozing high quality and current motorola design goodness, the MOTOFONE F3 features a revolutionary ClearVision display that provides a large, high-contrast screen viewable even in bright sunlight. The ClearVision display combined with a flush-fitting keypad and dust-resistant design makes the MOTOFONE F3 durable in active everyday use. And it sounds great too – with polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone and powerful volume – communication is loud and clear. Some good features * Smart features like voice assistance prompts in local languages to explain the easy functionality * Very affordable price. * Intuitive icon-based user interface * Stylish thin design * Extended battery life * Durable housing for optimal performance despite dust and sun * High-contrast screen using new ClearVision display viewable in direct sunlight * Large font size for easy readability * High-volume for call clarity in loud environments * Optional (network operator specific) notification of current prepaid balance * Embedded polyphonic ringtones in eight voices Some bad features * The character font is a little bit confusing as a consequence of the display it looks like a mix of upper and lower case. * Only Dual Band. So the European version doesnt work in the USA * No Radio * No MP3 player * No Headset in the package (Proprietary connector)
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