Motorola V3/V3i Facia/Housing Fitting Guide

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Here is a guide for fitting a new housing to a Motorola V3/V3i phone. A Torx T5 or T6 screwdriver required.

1) Turn off the phone. For this housing, the battery door will fit in without any tools (it is a straight exchange) so that can be fitted first if you prefer.

2) Open the phone flip so the screen is facing you. On the screen surround will be four rubber bungs which cover the screws. Remove these with a small pair of tweezers or edge of screwdriver. Keep the bungs safe for now.

3) Use the screwdriver to remove the screws, again keeping them safe.

4) The front housing is clipped on on the top, middle and bottom of the phone to hold it secure. Using a plastic shim or similar implement, apply pressure to release the housing from the clips. It is far easier to start at the top near the camera for the best leverage angles.

5) Once the front housing is off, you can then replace it with the new housing - remembering to clip it back in and replacing the screws and bungs.
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