Mototshirt Selling Fake Motorsport Shirts from Thailand

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mototshirt is selling fake Ford Racing Shirts from Cardiff UK, infact the shirts are coming directly from Thailand, PLEASE RATE THIS GUIDE TO WARN OTHERS

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! EBAY have already removed one guide as we showed his two names that he uses, but if you buy then you will know then anyway, even though it states in Ebay policies that Ebay will not allow countfeit goods etc to be sold, Ebay are actually turning a blind eye to this type of activity as mototshirt after numerous reports sent is still selling them, after you recieve your fake shirt, and your not happy with it, you can try but he will not respond to any e-mails as this can be clearly seen from his feedback,check out the mutually withdrawn section, this is how he gets to keep the NEGS down, the shirt i ordered/won was xl, the shirt that turned up was XXL, with one of the x's cut off, the body of the shirt is a dark blue and the logo even though badly done is not even straight, the cotton is not 100% heavy duty but 100% cheap and nasty.

If you ignore this warning and place a bid and a week later recieve a parcel from Thailand with a shirt inside with no tags etc, then you have also fallen fool to this con! I have mentioned the shirt that i bought, but he sells alot of other brands of which i cannot comment, but its up to you if you want to take the risk!!!

You will see from the pictures that on the main Ford emblem, the top of the white oval is alot thinner and more poorly embroidered than other parts of the badge. Also on the red Ford Racing logo you will see that the letters once again are poorly and unevenly embroidered and not in a straight line. THERE IS NO REGISTERED TRADE MARK SYMBOL ON THIS LOGO EITHER! The one thing that you cannot see if that the entire logo is not even applied in a straight line. You will also see where one of the x's has been removed to make an XXL look like an XL! And I don't think I even need to comment about the inner label on the inside of the collar.....I think that picture speaks for itself about the quality!!!!!


bad labels tacked on to collar      poor embroidered Logo           XXL label made into XL

It is very hard to spot a fake especially when the seller registers themselves in the UK  please be wary!!!                                                   







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