Moving House

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So the family have flown the nest and the house is too big for you.Before you decide to move think hard about :-

1..what part of the country you want to move to..

2..will it be too far for the family to visit..

3.. will we have enough room if they want to stay over..

4..will we be able to manage to acclimatise

So now youve decided where you want to go and you have your eye on the perfect house and you go to view

remember to take with you:-

1.. binoculars

2 .. note book and pen.

3..tape measure

4.. some overalls..for climbing in the loft....

before the estate agent takes you ,make a trip to survey the layout of the road or street..

How far is the doctors surgery,bus stop,corner shop ,hairdressers.. are there any alleyways or back entrances..

Use your binoculars to checkout guttering and any loose tiles,use your nose,does the air smell fresh

and not wafting fish and chip shops or other take aways..

Then when you take the first viewing you will have an idea if the house for  you,

make lots of notes and measurements to see if your furniture will fit..

Write down what view you have from each window and check to see if you are over looked.

I know all this seems a pain in the butt but you don't want to find out once you've signed on the dotted line..

Listen with both ears for odd sounds, like air in the water pipes ,or noise from next door..

Carpets and curtains  and decor dosen't matter because you will change it in time but check closely

skirting boards and signs of damp..What ever you do don't rely on surveyors reports..

Who knows after all that you might want to stay where you are.............................




When you arrive sit in the car for a while and take stock of the road,plus look at the houses either side and opposite your house..


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